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One of the ever-growing concerns as the digital world expands is what effect it will have on relationships; from business correspondence to social media to online dating, we’re constantly changing the way we interact with one another. Leading the charge in research and expertise, Andrea Syrtash is constantly monitoring and navigating the myriad perspectives and implications on modern relationships and advising on how to navigate them. A self-described “slasher” and naturally born advisor, her certified expertise spans across multiple forms of media as a coach, author, television personality, and most recently, podcast host. Over Chardonnay provided by ABC Wine Co., Andrea explains that while the problems she aims to solve can be complicated, her goal is quite simple: to contest the poor advice so often given in this space and to help people break free of their preconceived perspectives in order to find what suits them - from lasting companionships to a reason to swipe left.

What You’ll Learn:

  • The single thing that both men and women want in relationships.
  • How perspective becomes reality and how to changing it may be important.
  • Not all expertise comes from experience; sometimes the best way to advice comes from learning from others.
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