Story In A Bottle Podcast

Arikia Millikan is a journalist and entrepreneur with a resume that boasts digitizing traditionally print-centric brands. It’s a career that’s given her a fair share of behind-the-scenes experiences with the epidemic that’s overtaking the industry - the continued and steepening uphill battle of maintaining the right motivation in the world of news and content. Over Bloody Marys (with a fun twist) at Fools Gold in NYC, she explains how her unique approach in applying engineering principles paired with a “squeaky wheel” reputation help her press forward and innovate within this challenging space.

What You’ll Learn:

- The harm in not keeping balance in the separation between content and revenue in the world of publishing.

- Why it’s valuable to apply approaches from other disciplines when innovating and evolving media.

- How improved tools can make all the difference in quality content creation.

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