Story In A Bottle Podcast

Beth Schoenfeldt and Megan Hannum are experts at understanding the needs of startups. As business partners, they complement each other with Beth running the operations side of their company, FundedBuy, and Megan handling the networking. Together they are an unstoppable duo. At their core, Beth and Megan leverage their skills to ensure founders can focus on what it will take to get their founders to success and let the FundedBuy network handle all the ancillary day-to-day aspects of running a business. Over Graft Lost Tropic Cider at Fool’s Gold in Manhattan, this power (business) couple discuss their third party network, their individually unique backgrounds and how their unusual partnership came about.


What You’ll Learn:

  • What is FundedBuy? 1:20
  • How did two very opposite people become the business couple they are today? 12:33
  • How a startup is like a sitcom? 25:34
  • The key to having a smart startup and successful founders 40:02
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