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Caren Kelleher, the founder of Gold Rush Vinyl in Austin, TX, has had a remarkable journey through the music industry. Starting her career at Paste Magazine, Caren quickly dove into the business side of music, gaining a deep understanding of the industry's intricacies. Her path led her to tech roles, including a significant position at Google where she managed the Artist Hub platform, enabling artists to upload their music directly to Google Play. Caren's commitment to supporting artists remained unwavering, ultimately inspiring her to establish Gold Rush Vinyl. Her pressing plant is dedicated to independent musicians, providing them a vital revenue stream through vinyl records.

Caren's story is a blend of professional milestones and personal growth, marked by pivotal moments that shaped her career. Moving to Austin and founding Gold Rush Vinyl was a bold move driven by her vision of the vinyl market's potential and a strong desire to help artists earn more from their music. Her innovative approach at Gold Rush Vinyl includes traditional vinyl pressing and the upcycling of damaged vinyl into new products, emphasizing sustainability and creativity. This episode explores the challenges Caren faced, the insights she gained, and her future vision for vinyl and the music industry.

Key Takeaways

  • Caren’s journey highlights the importance of passion and resilience in the music industry.
  • Establishing Gold Rush Vinyl was driven by a desire to support independent artists financially.
  • The vinyl market offers significant revenue opportunities compared to streaming services.
  •  Innovation and sustainability are central to Caren’s approach at Gold Rush Vinyl.


  • "When you're on the road and you're selling vinyl or t-shirts or whatever, but especially vinyl, that's cash in your pocket."
  • "We work for independent artists specifically... Vinyl makes artists a lot of money."
  • "I started managing bands... seeing the royalty statements coming from streaming... it could be six months before the artist got paid."
  • "To see artists hold their own vinyl for the first time, it’s an emotional moment where they truly feel like they've made it."
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