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When Amanda Goetz left her corporate gig to sculpt her own path through the entrepreneurial wilderness, she didn't just trade a desk for a dream; she crafted a multifaceted empire, painting a life that harmonizes ambition with the purest forms of self-expression. Her story isn't just a blueprint for building a personal brand that resonates across social media platforms; it's a testament to the sheer willpower of a woman determined to shape her life on her own terms, with a sprinkle of marketing magic. Drawing the curtain back, Amanda shares her journey, from the pivotal moments that prompted her shift from Ernst & Young to the founding of her wellness gummy company, and the intimate details of navigating personal milestones alongside her career.

With Amanda's narrative as our guide, we knit together the vibrant threads of creating multiple revenue streams, each tailored to distinct audience personas. Her strategic approach to audience ownership, from a captivating membership community to a sponsored newsletter, reveals the careful choreography behind each source of income. As we unravel the significance of legacy and the lasting impression of public work on her children, Amanda's reflections add a profound depth to the conversation on entrepreneurship. Her story is interwoven with insights on personal growth through transitions, be it a divorce or a leap into a new job, and the importance of community in both life and business.

Peering into the future, Amanda does not shy away from the raw, unfiltered aspects of her entrepreneurial experience. She embodies the "build in public" philosophy, pulling back the curtain on the wins and the stumbles alike, fostering a community rallying behind authenticity. The episode wraps with a heartening nod to the power of fractional expertise, the art of knowing when to step in and when to step out, and the ripple effects of transparency in nurturing a supportive network. Listeners are invited to reflect on their own narratives, as each story—yours included—is a brushstroke in the broader canvas of our collective journey.


(00:03) Amanda Goetz Journey as a Creator
(08:15) Multiple Revenue Streams and Social Media
(18:26) Growing Up, School, and Career Paths
(31:44) Start a Company, Transition to New Job
(35:41) Founder's Breakfast and Changing Tech Scene
(41:38) Creating a Wellness Gummy Company
(53:13) Navigating Challenges and Growth in Entrepreneurship
(01:05:15) Transparency and Expertise in Startup Growth
(01:11:22) Expressing Gratitude and Acknowledgment for Appearance

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