Story In A Bottle Podcast

Oz Lubling’s lifelong obsession with the internet began at its inception; in a time when there were no rules or standards, this self-taught developer was always focused on creating products and pushing the envelop. This carried over to the foundations of his professional career -- a developer turned UX professional -- when both disciplines were largely undefined and Mountain View was still a rural town in Northern California. Over lychee martinis Oz recalls the course of his 20+ year career alongside the growth of internet; why being employee number one of the now digital agency behemoth Razorfish gave him a front row seat its evolution and how after several years he’s found his way back to making products with its co-founder, Jeff Dachis at One Drop.

What You’ll Learn:

  • The importance of context within product.
  • How even products which solve problems well can fail.
  • Why company culture may still have value in the modern tech world.
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