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Renee DiResta's career has been far from conventional; from a government gig to programmer-turned-trader on Wall Street to a stint as a VC in Silicon Valley, she's certainly appreciated many points of view. Today, as the Founder and Director of Marketing of Haven, a shipping container marketplace catering to myriad clientele, that varied experience has proven to be helpful as she navigates the complicated world of a startup - especially one trying to innovate and bring a centuries old industry into the world of digital. Over virgin mimosas (orange juice and seltzer) she explains how she's had to evolve her working style from industry to industry, the importance of empathy when building both products and teams, the logistics of logistics and the many challenges of revolutionizing one of the the world’s first industries.

What You’ll Learn:

  • As a startup, how to avoid building something nobody wants (hint: it starts with company leadership)
  • Why a product should aim to “enable” rather than “disrupt”
  • How to succeed in an industry even if you’re not a subject matter expert
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