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Matt Lee is currently a Senior Usability Researcher for, but in his remarkable career, he has played many other roles: a Business Administration graduate, a field researcher representing companies like Cannon… and Vicodin, a Usability Engineer for the first Xbox live and Amazon, and User Researcher Manager at Zappos. More than that, however, he is a true advocate for the betterment of the internet, championing the important learnings he has acquired about user behaviors and bringing them to the forefront of each product he’s worked on.


In this episode, we sit with him over a bottle of Hibiki (a Japanese Suntory Scotch) and we hear his story; the good, the bad, and the very very awkward moments that come along with user research. What we learned, is how the digital world is changing; from people not knowing how a mouse works (seriously) to the exponential growth from products to devices and how data can and should be at the core of all innovation. He maintains that more than ever before  “it’s less about getting from A to B.” So, if you’re building a new product or growing an existing one -- you’ll certainly want to hear this.

And if you want even more from him, hit him up @mleeconsulting.

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