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Kelly Goldston is a marketer after our own hearts: data-driven to the core, she’s changing the norms in the “fast fashion” space as VP of Marketing at ELOQUII.COM, her dream job. In her arsenal, the power afforded her as a digital retailer partnered with a fan army who, when faced with the potential of ELOQUII closure, petitioned for and ultimately inspired it’s spin off from the Limited brand. The best part? She was one of those fans.


However, as we learned over Roederer Estate Brut, the perfect pairing to her bubbly personality, this happenstance would not have been possible without the career path which precedes it. From a controversial period in sales at early Groupon and ultimately data analysis, she was compelled to further her trajectory to better serve the customers she advocated for. So, with a stint at Amazon’s Quidsi brands, and, to be exact, and an NYU Stern MBA specializing in marketing and business analytics it only seemed natural that she’d end up where she is. All it took was that one customer service call…


For more from Kelly, please see @MsKellyGoldston.

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Many of our guests can trace their internet beginnings to one pivotal moment which changed their entire trajectory. For’s Editor in Chief Mark Graham, it was his first search query on Netscape Navigator in 1992: “Björk.” From those humble beginnings and his unparalleled affinity for brands and advertising, he has enjoyed an interesting and varied career riddled with the adventures that growing up in the early dot com era affords. However, in a time when people were trying to figure things out online, he had the added pressure of making that happen from his hometown of Detroit within behemoth companies like Borders and OnStar; this, made all the more complicated while maintaining a secret persona online Uncle Grambo, with his pop culture blog-before-blogs

Suffice to say, when the time came, Mark took a leap and ended up amongst his internet brethren in New York City after a failed attempt to join Best Week Ever ultimately paid off. It was this which lead to leadership positions at VH1Gawker, and now heralding at It’s been quite the journey, for sure, made all the more entertaining while being shared over Bud Lite Strawberitas. (And also our worst hangover to-date!)


For more from Mark, check out the latest at his (legitimized) and his musings at @unclegrambo.

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Ashley Granata has spent her career bringing her passion for fashion to the forefront of the tech world. As an FIT grad, she lept right in as a buyer for Bloomingdale’s (on the seemingly lowest rung of the web store) and has never looked back. However, it’s been her keen sense of the industry and drive to innovate that she is now working on her second startup in the fashion-tech scene.


Over Fernet Branca, she recounts how the impetus for her first co-founded company, Fashism, began with the idea of by encouraging people to feel comfortable in their own skin by stepping out of their comfort zone and connecting them with others in order to find their unique style. And ultimately that product also encouraged her to do the same, forcing her to step out of her own when finally making the difficult decision to close shop. However, never discouraged, we got a sneak behind the virtual curtain into her latest endeavor as Entrepreneur in Residence at Rothenberg Ventures where she is, further bridging the fashion space into cutting edge VR technology. She continues to  believe that when “you look good, you feel good and that is when you’re at your best” and, what can we say? We’re feeling pretty good about how the future of tech is looking.

For more from her follow: @ashley_jeanne

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Seth Porges is a jack of all trades; a journalist, tech entrepreneur, TV personality, and semi-professional karaoke enthusiast, who is constantly jumping between media in pursuit of his interests. As a young man he became interested in pursuing a career in journalism with the allure of the perks associated (free movie tickets, anyone?). However, it was after his time at Northwestern when he saw how that field actually does pay off. Upon graduation, he fully entrenched himself into reporting in the budding New York tech scene, which opened the many of the doors he’s entered today.


Now, with a strong writing career behind him, he is able to attribute this immersion to other aspects of his life, particularly his co-founded passion-project-turned-successful-startup Cloth App and added a foray into the TV world. Over Lagavulin scotch, he explained to us that, in his career, it’s all come down to seizing the right moments and timing, and having a signature karaoke move.


Oh, and did we mention he also did this Action Park documentary?!

For more from him, check out @sethporges and download Cloth App.

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When Alex Tryon finally got her first bonus at American Express, all she wanted to was buy a piece of art by Jock Sturges, her favorite artist. But the gallery world road blocked her and painted her into a virtual corner; thus, the idea for her startup, Artsicle, was born.

However, Alex’s love of art didn’t start at Amex, but rather was inspired while traveling in Europe as a kid. A native Texan, she loved discovering the world that art overseas opened up for her. She then pursued that knowledge, along with the practical study of business communications, at U Penn. Her journey from startup idea to formidable business isn’t what you may expect, but it’s a unique tale that truly embraces love, risk and, ultimately, the culmination of her dream.

To keep up with her, check out @alexistryon.


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