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Oz Lubling’s lifelong obsession with the internet began at its inception; in a time when there were no rules or standards, this self-taught developer was always focused on creating products and pushing the envelop. This carried over to the foundations of his professional career -- a developer turned UX professional -- when both disciplines were largely undefined and Mountain View was still a rural town in Northern California. Over lychee martinis Oz recalls the course of his 20+ year career alongside the growth of internet; why being employee number one of the now digital agency behemoth Razorfish gave him a front row seat its evolution and how after several years he’s found his way back to making products with its co-founder, Jeff Dachis at One Drop.

What You’ll Learn:

  • The importance of context within product.
  • How even products which solve problems well can fail.
  • Why company culture may still have value in the modern tech world.
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Allison Schrager doesn't see obstacles, only opportunities. As a student with no mathematical background she set out and earned a PhD in economics from Columbia University. When her graduate advisor failed her, she changed her trajectory and made a career as a successful pension economist. At the onset of the financial crisis of 2008, she transitioned to journalism. While her accomplishments and accolades across various industries are no short of impressive, most noteworthy about her is that the goals she strives to achieve seem to always sit at the pinnacle of what most would consider an insurmountable uphill battle. Over wine, Allison explains why she thrives in these challenging situations, why her dream jobs exists at the epicenter of finance and creativity, and how her enthusiasm may be her greatest asset.

What You’ll Learn:

  • Why obtaining wealth shouldn't be a goal for retirement.
  • How enthusiasm can bring opportunity, but doesn't replace hard work.
  • Why validation can be a motivator if you keep it in check.
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Wesley Verheove has made a career of helping others tell their story: from his time in the music industry, to partnering with startups, and most notably as a photographer, he finds the gifts that each brings to the table and helps to emphasize them. In his latest passion-project-turned-real-project, One of Many, he traveled to underrated art communities across the US to shine a light on them and unite makers in each; connecting them with others like them and giving them a platform to showcase their work. But what about the storyteller’s story? Over rose proviced by Alphabet City Wine Company, we heard from Wesley about how his patchwork background from rural Netherlands to Bloomington, Indiana and ultimately a bicoastal residency makes him uniquely qualified to be the one to unite the many.

What You’ll Learn:

  • Why you should follow your passions, even if the path seems unpaved.
  • Being successful in tech or art is not confined to New York or San Francisco.
  • How being a part of a team can ultimately help you become stronger as an individual.


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One of the ever-growing concerns as the digital world expands is what effect it will have on relationships; from business correspondence to social media to online dating, we’re constantly changing the way we interact with one another. Leading the charge in research and expertise, Andrea Syrtash is constantly monitoring and navigating the myriad perspectives and implications on modern relationships and advising on how to navigate them. A self-described “slasher” and naturally born advisor, her certified expertise spans across multiple forms of media as a coach, author, television personality, and most recently, podcast host. Over Chardonnay provided by ABC Wine Co., Andrea explains that while the problems she aims to solve can be complicated, her goal is quite simple: to contest the poor advice so often given in this space and to help people break free of their preconceived perspectives in order to find what suits them - from lasting companionships to a reason to swipe left.

What You’ll Learn:

  • The single thing that both men and women want in relationships.
  • How perspective becomes reality and how to changing it may be important.
  • Not all expertise comes from experience; sometimes the best way to advice comes from learning from others.
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