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In this episode of “Story in a Bottle,” host Dan Maccarone introduces us to the multifaceted life of Mark Wystrach, lead vocalist of the renowned country band Midland. Wystrach delves into his journey from growing up on an Arizona ranch, through his modeling and acting career, to his pivotal role in shaping the success of Midland. Engage in Mark Wystrach’s recollection of the band’s birth, insights into the music industry, and the synergies of Midland’s teamwork that catapulted them to stardom.

Wystrach’s story is an inspiring tale of shifting gears and finding one’s true calling despite the odds. We explore his personal foray into show business, detailing his ventures on screen before embracing his passion for music. His narrative underscores the importance of dedication in honing his craft, whether it’s in front of a camera or a mesmerized crowd at Red Rocks. Throughout, Mark shares the band’s organic chemistry, their creative process, and why every performance is approached as a chance to deliver the best show of their lives.

Key Takeaways:

  • Personal Drive: Mark’s ambition to succeed in the arts and help his family underpinned his leap into acting and later, a full-fledged music career.
  • Creative Journey: Transitioning from an acting career, Mark emphasizes the transformative process of co-founding Midland and their collaborative approach to music.
  • Live Performances: Mark reflects on the electrifying experience of live performances and how they feed off the crowd’s energy to create unforgettable shows.
  • Health and Fitness: As a performer, Mark discusses his commitment to maintaining fitness, flexibility, and mindfulness to tackle the physical demands of touring.
  • Midland’s Essence: Key to Midland’s allure, according to Wystrach, is the trio’s authentic and collective efforts to resonate with fans across a spectrum of life experiences.

Notable Quotes:

  • “I’m always looking at what I put in my body because of my schedule… I’ve got young kids, so I want to be around for a long time, but I also like to have fun.”
  • “It’s a privilege, it’s an honor, and it’s a gift… to create this thing that’s so magical. And there’s nothing like creating live music.”
  • “I do think that you should kind of be nervous. But I also think that we’re so locked in now… it just feels like being part of a squadron.”
  • “If you don’t learn anything, then you’re a fool. And it was all a waste of time. And luckily, I’m probably just half of a fool. And I was smart enough to learn a lot of lessons from that.”
  • “What a job we get to do every day.”


  • Insolito Tequila: Midland’s own tequila brand.

Tune into the full episode to immerse yourself in the remarkable story of Mark Wystrach and discover more about the camaraderie, music, and the ongoing adventure that is Midland. Stay connected for more insightful episodes from “Story in a Bottle.”

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