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About the Guest(s):

Bea "B." Arthur is an innovative entrepreneur with a robust history in the tech and mental health sectors. She's the founder of two mental health startups that strive to make therapy more accessible. Her journey encompasses a variety of roles, including a domestic violence counselor, therapist, and founder. Her experiences extend to the media landscape with features on major platforms discussing failure, entrepreneurship, and mental health advocacy. Additionally, B. Arthur has been recognized by Bumble as one of their 100 most inspirational women.

Episode Summary:

In this captivating episode, host Dan McElroe sits down with B. Arthur, a trailblazer in the tech and mental health industries. Arthur delves into her personal and professional voyage, shedding light on the trials and triumphs along the way. With refreshing candor, Arthur recounts the challenges of starting her mental health-focused companies and how her appearance on Shark Tank played a vital role in her entrepreneurial journey.

Listeners are treated to a raw reflection on the realities of founding startups, with Arthur openly discussing the peaks and valleys that have marked her path to success. She emphasizes the importance of mental wellness, her commitment to democratizing therapy, and the transformative power of meaningful conversations. Insights into the dynamics of therapy, the stigma surrounding mental health, and the future aspects of her endeavors are thoroughly explored.

Key Takeaways:

  • B. Arthur's candid sharing of her struggles and the eventual closing of her first startup provides a real look at the founder's journey.
  • Transitioning from in-person to online therapy, Arthur was a pioneer in introducing therapy through video and later through voice and text.
  • Her experience on Shark Tank significantly impacted her business, establishing a broader audience.
  • Arthur emphasizes the value of therapy and coaching, highlighting her commitment to promoting accessible mental health care.
  • The episode touches on the evolving perception of mental health care and the challenges faced by founders in the tech space.

Notable Quotes:

  • "The right talk at the right time can make all the difference."
  • "Trouble is always temporary."
  • "It was my origin story. So for five years, I did Pretty Padded Room, which became In Your Corner."
  • "It's so good to me as a practitioner in the space, as somebody who has a therapist and a coach and an acupuncturist and two boyfriends, I really want to feel good."


Tune into the full episode to hear B. Arthur's inspiring narrative and gain invaluable insights into the intersection of mental health care and technology. Stay tuned for more engaging discussions and stories in future episodes.

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Dan Maccarone interviews Tristan Snell, discussing his experiences in law, technology and politics. They cover Snell's legal battle with Trump University and his video platform startup. Snell describes how his experiences have influenced his approach to politics and legal battles and highlights his transition from high-stakes legal cases to the fast-paced tech startup environment.

Key Takeaways:
- Tristan Snell played a pivotal role in the investigation and lawsuit against Trump University, leading to significant legal repercussions for the institution.
- His startup, Snakt, aimed to pioneer the social video space and came close to acquisitions by big names like Twitter.
- The COVID-19 pandemic played a critical role in determining the future of Snakt, with funding and operations coming to a standstill.
- Snell has built a substantial following on social media, leveraging his insights into politics and law while ensuring authenticity and resonance with his audience.
- Despite the optics of a traditional legal career, Snell's pursuit of a startup dream illustrates a non-linear path filled with learning, risk-taking, and a balance between professional endeavors and passion projects.

Tristan Snell's Book: "Taking Down Trump"
Tristan's Twitter: @TristanSnell 
Join us for a fascinating deep dive into the mind and stories of Tristan Snell by listening to the full episode. With topics ranging from unparalleled legal battles to the thrills of startup life and a strong political stance, this conversation offers insights and lessons applicable well beyond their fields. Stay tuned for more enriching content in upcoming episodes of "Story in a Bottle."

Timestamp Summary
0:00:00 Introduction to the podcast and guest, Tristan Snell
0:01:58 Inspiration behind writing the book "Taking Down Trump"
0:05:19 Influence of Roy Cohn and his playbook on Trump's tactics
0:08:56 Increasing willingness to go up against Trump and the hope for justice
0:09:48 Experience of writing the book and finding a publishers
0:13:01 Tristan's approach to writing his book
0:14:00 Tristan's family background and moving around
0:15:34 Influence of growing up near Washington D.C.
0:17:14 Tristan's various nerd interests
0:17:55 Running for student council positions
0:19:26 Attending Princeton University
0:21:28 Considering law school
0:22:11 Motivations for going to law school
0:22:06 Interning at the White House and working on a campaign
0:25:39 Veep comes closer to reality in depicting the White House
0:29:10 Importance of understanding public perception and avoiding the echo chamber
0:30:46 Lessons learned from the corporate law experience
0:33:46 Tristan Snell reflects on his experience at the New York AG's office and the importance of perfectionism in law.
0:35:09 Discussion on the ongoing cases against Trump and the potential outcomes.
0:37:19 Anticipation of upcoming developments in the New York fraud case and the second E. Jean Carroll trial.
0:38:38 Analysis of the immunity issue and potential arguments in the DC case.
0:39:32 Introduction to Tristan Snell's role as an assistant AG in the New York AG's office.
0:40:15 Initial thoughts on the Trump case and the perception of Trump as a con artist.
0:41:46 Tristan Snell's realization of the extent of the harm caused by Trump's actions in the Trump University case.
0:43:11 Discussion on the emotional impact of hearing the victims' stories and the financial losses they suffered.
0:43:53 Introduction to the topic of the Trump mentorship program
0:45:58 Timeline of the investigation and lawsuit
0:46:40 Decision to leave law work and join a startup
0:47:53 Snacked's goal to be a social video platform
0:49:20 Highlights of Snacked's success and achievements
0:50:39 Memorable moments of user engagement on the platform
0:51:50 Product collaboration with YouTube star Philip DeFranco
0:52:21 Challenges of working together in a startup partnership
0:53:24 Struggles and fears as a startup CEO
0:54:16 Joining the startup full-time with limited funding
0:54:59 Challenges of starting a new social platform
0:55:37 Twitter's potential acquisition of the company
0:57:13 Difficulties and worst parts of the startup journey
0:57:33 The decision to start a side legal practice
0:59:29 The benefits of having a side hustle
1:00:47 Transitioning from snack to starting a legal practice
1:01:50 The impact of Covid on snack's closure
1:06:48 Learning from content creators and implementing strategies for success
1:07:21 Viners used to pull down posts that didn't meet their metrics within minutes.
1:07:49 Social media allows for more flexibility and amendability compared to legal filings.
1:08:03 Authenticity is important on social media.
1:09:19 Tristan Snell doesn't get nervous about posting opinionated content.
1:09:33 Comments provide real-time feedback, but Snell avoids reading them.

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When Amanda Goetz left her corporate gig to sculpt her own path through the entrepreneurial wilderness, she didn't just trade a desk for a dream; she crafted a multifaceted empire, painting a life that harmonizes ambition with the purest forms of self-expression. Her story isn't just a blueprint for building a personal brand that resonates across social media platforms; it's a testament to the sheer willpower of a woman determined to shape her life on her own terms, with a sprinkle of marketing magic. Drawing the curtain back, Amanda shares her journey, from the pivotal moments that prompted her shift from Ernst & Young to the founding of her wellness gummy company, and the intimate details of navigating personal milestones alongside her career.

With Amanda's narrative as our guide, we knit together the vibrant threads of creating multiple revenue streams, each tailored to distinct audience personas. Her strategic approach to audience ownership, from a captivating membership community to a sponsored newsletter, reveals the careful choreography behind each source of income. As we unravel the significance of legacy and the lasting impression of public work on her children, Amanda's reflections add a profound depth to the conversation on entrepreneurship. Her story is interwoven with insights on personal growth through transitions, be it a divorce or a leap into a new job, and the importance of community in both life and business.

Peering into the future, Amanda does not shy away from the raw, unfiltered aspects of her entrepreneurial experience. She embodies the "build in public" philosophy, pulling back the curtain on the wins and the stumbles alike, fostering a community rallying behind authenticity. The episode wraps with a heartening nod to the power of fractional expertise, the art of knowing when to step in and when to step out, and the ripple effects of transparency in nurturing a supportive network. Listeners are invited to reflect on their own narratives, as each story—yours included—is a brushstroke in the broader canvas of our collective journey.


(00:03) Amanda Goetz Journey as a Creator
(08:15) Multiple Revenue Streams and Social Media
(18:26) Growing Up, School, and Career Paths
(31:44) Start a Company, Transition to New Job
(35:41) Founder's Breakfast and Changing Tech Scene
(41:38) Creating a Wellness Gummy Company
(53:13) Navigating Challenges and Growth in Entrepreneurship
(01:05:15) Transparency and Expertise in Startup Growth
(01:11:22) Expressing Gratitude and Acknowledgment for Appearance

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